St Martin's Church has a thriving youth ministry which offers many exciting activities and opportunities for young people to make friends, grow in their faith and serve alongside the adults in the church.  There are five different groups who meet during the week and form our youth ministry - with many overlaps in both age and content...
youthfootballWe have a Youth Group that meets on a Sunday evening (term time only) where anyone between the ages of 11 and 18 are very welcome to join us.  There are four main ingredients to this group:  good friendships, great fun, playing music and growing to know God together.  This is held in the Church Cellars (the basement of the Church Centre)... if you park in the bottom car park, you will find the entrance to the Cellars is a small white door beside the steps to the upper car park.  

youthclubpancakesWe also have a Youth Club for younger children which also meets in the Cellars, though this runs on Monday evenings during term time from 6pm to 7.30pm.  This is open to any young people from year 5 and above.  
We have a great music facility for anyone interested in playing instruments and singing as well as a pool table, football table, television, wii and various games and crafts.  We also have the use of a large hall and outdoor area.
iceskatingVarious social activities* are planned throughout the year, such as ice skating/ibounce etc., beach trips, bbq, cycling, bush craft weekend, camping and regular visits to other larger youth events held in either Devon or Cornwall.  We also arrange trips & events with other church youth groups which is a great opportunity to grow deeper in our faith, meet new friends and build relationships with other Christians. 
Please keep an eye on the calendar or contact us to find out more.
On Sunday mornings during the 11am Morning Praise service, all of the youth go out with their respective groups.  This is another opportunity for them to hang out together, play a game, chat, pray and discuss topics that are relevant to their lives today.  It’s a great place to learn about God and share how Jesus makes a difference in our lives.

youthalphaWe also run Youth Alpha - this is a 10 week course that includes a weekend away (more information here).  This is an opportunity for the youth to learn more about Christianity, ask questions and grow in their friendships with each other and with God.  Each week we share a meal together and midway through the series spend a weekend away together.
During the week, we also run a Christian Union Club at the local comprehensive school during Thursday lunchtimes (1.10pm-1.40pm).  This is held in the guide hut.  Here, any young people aged 11-18 have an opportunity to meet in a warm and friendly environment where they can eat lunch, play a game or a bit of indoor football, chat and listen to a short, fun and interactive talk about Christianity.  

youthclubmusicWe want to encourage our young people to use their gifts and talents and get involved in church life. Our Youth Band is just starting out and is one of the ways that we can do this. If you love to play an instrument or enjoy singing, come and join us as we worship God together!  We hope to practice every week and lead the music in the Church service once a month. 

We are always looking for new talent, so if you’ve got some – please get in touch.


Our youth work is all about inspiring a new generation to love God, to love others and to change the world that we live in!

We have an amazing team of youth leaders who have a heart for the youth.  They are committed to the safeguarding, care and nurture of everyone who attends any of the groups and are all required to meet the training criteria and checks required by the Diocese.

If you are new to the church and wish to find out more, please Contact Us.

*There are no charges for the regular activities however there will usually be a small charge/admission fee for extra social activities.