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So what is ChurchSuite?
ChurchSuite is a database management system which has been specifically designed for churches and will allow us to store your details securely, take bookings, organise rotas, plan services and so much more. We will use ChurchSuite for our church database, as well as to let you know what's coming up and how you can get stuck in to church life during the week. ChurchSuite will be a very useful tool to becoming better connected and besides social media, it will be the main way for us to communicate with you.

Where are we now?
I gave myself 5 initial priorities for setting up ChurchSuite.
My first priority was to upload all the current contacts from our electoral roll and organising these ready for future communications.
To utilise the communications element by getting church members to sign up to My ChurchSuite.
To get team leaders to start using Churchsuite for organising and sending rotas out to their teams.
4 and 5 are very similar to each another – and both are big tasks! In ChurchSuite there is a module for Bookings and a module for the Calendar. Bookings are all the outside hirers that use or Church and Halls, and the calendar is all the church hosted events such as our services, Alpha, ABC. It is a big job that will take some time to move all our current data across.What is MY ChurchSuite?
My ChurchSuite is the church member-facing side of ChurchSuite. This is the part of ChurchSuite where you the church members will see all the bits relevant to you. Depending on people’s visibility preferences, you will be able to use the address book to connect with other Church members and you can also update your own details and communication preferences. Once all the elements are up and running you will be able to get event information, sign up to events, mark dates of unavailability for team rotas, view previous communications such as newsletters and rotas, and eventually we’d like to enable the online donation element and online payments for bookings and event tickets.

What do YOU have to do next?
171 member details have been uploaded onto ChurchSuite from those on our electoral roll. However, some of their details such as email addresses are missing. Invitations are being sent out to those details I already have, to sign up for a My ChurchSuite login.
Currently the default for all contacts is to receive general emails and sms and to receive rotas reminders via both email and sms. Once you’ve signed up you can edit these preferences, but I would suggest that in order to keep up to date these are kept checked, at least the email checkbox. Anything we send out won’t be spam!
With regard to your details being shared, the default on all the contacts is set that only names are visible on the address book section of My ChurchSuite. You can then decide in your own privacy settings whether you wish to make your address, telephone number, mobile number and email address visible. Its entirely up to you what information you wish to share with other Church members.
What I would like to invite our church members to do, is that if they are unsure whether I have their details or perhaps you are not on the electoral roll but want to stay connect, please get in touch. Email me at
Please do pass this information to others that are not on Facebook / YouTube or may not visit the website.

God bless,

Niall Dunne, 14/05/2020